Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair

Caladex Information

We have designated Caladex as our importer for International dealers.
If you use Caladex they will provide you with shipping, customs clearance and GST collection.
You can contact them at

Importation and GST/HST Collection for International Dealers

Caladex LLC is pleased to offer transportation to the 2014 Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair from cities in the USA and Europe. Our door-to-booth service is designed to minimize move-in (and move-out) hassles so you may prepare for a quick set up and break down. The rate is by weight per sector based on a round trip only.

The service is fully inclusive of collection, air freight, customs clearance, bond fees and delivery to your booth. As an added value service, Caladex will act as an intermediary to account and process GST/HST liabilities due on all imports to Canada.

Goods and Services Tax.
Canada levies a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on items entering Canada. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions. Caladex in conjunction with the Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair has arranged for the deferment of applicable GST/HST upon entry to Canada. This means that exhibitors will not be required to pre-pay GST, but they will be required to collect GST/HST on all items sold.

GST/HST Collection
Exhibitors at the 2014 Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair must collect GST at the rate of 5% on the sale of any item which remains in Canada. The GST/HST collected must be shown on the invoice. A copy of all sales invoice(s) must be presented to the Caladex representative upon close of the Fair.

GST/HST Payment
Caladex will arrange for submission of GST/HST entries to Revenue Canada prior to export. Exhibitors will be notified individually of the total GST due 24 hours after Fair close. There are no credit facilities for GST/HST. Full payment in Canadian Dollar funds (bank transfer, cashier’s check, etc.) must be received within 72 hours. All GST/HST liabilities must be settled before books are exported from Canada. Additional charges may apply for late GST payments.